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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunny Sunday

Well the sun was shining and I was feeling good, all the family at footie so peace and quiet......
Got through loads of orders think I may need a truck to take them all to the PO in the morning, no doubt I will be very unpopular with the customers behind me! oh well.
Found the baby fish had survived the very cold winter and she/he looks well(how do you tell the sex of a goldfish must google it) It's still only about an inch long but it's alive so that was good news, must take a photo!
Twitter umm really am trying to get my little head around it, I don't like to be beaten and love a challege so I downloaded a free twitter course from
I'm on day 4 stillnot sure whether I'm ment to tweet or chirp.....may start from day1 again.
Looking forward to spending some time with my boys whilst there at home so may close the website for a few days (sorry folks) but sometimes I forget what my family look like!

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