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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stressed me never!

I thought today was going to be one of those days....we all get them.

Opened my emails too many to mention at 6am and started to panic, so many sales, (not complaining!)
then an email from a customer saying her order had not arrived,if only I did not have to rely on a third party ie Royal Mail to deliver!
Started to print off invoices ran out of black ink, changed it which is no mean feat
 then ran out of blue!
changed it printed off more orders and noticed printer head needed cleaning as I could not read invoices arghhhhhh, so did the head cleaning too then run out of yellow, ha ha. Losing the plot at this point even the dogs are hiding!
At last sorted, managed to find customers order it was sitting at her local sorting office waiting to be picked up, sent email customer extremely happy with service! Got 3 other emails from customers stating how pleased they were, ebay feedback brilliant, manage to make 10 horseshoes and 3 baby plaques today, so in the end it ended well!
I love my life! x x x

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